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Borough Statistics
As of the 2000 Census, the population of the
Borough of Myerstown was 3,171.

The Borough is slightly less than one square mile in area
and has approximately 10 miles of streets.

There are 3 traffic lights, 68 Street Lights, 55 Fire Hydrants
and 26.64 acres of Recreation Areas.

Recycling Program:
A few years ago the Borough initiated a recycling program. Borough residents who need recycling containers can stop by the Borough office, complete a form and pickup a recycling container at no charge.
Important! When you move to another residence, please leave the recycling container as it is registered to the property address.

Residents of Myerstown Borough must contract recycling services through his/her licensed refuse hauler. Acceptable items include: clear, green, and brown glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic beverage containers, cleanser and detergent bottles coded #1 PET and #2 HDPE, and newspaper.

Contact the Borough Office at 866-5038 with any questions.

Spring Clean Up Program:
Each Spring the Borough will pick up leaves and brush if put in a clear plastic bag and placed at the curb by 7:00am on advertised mornings.

REMEMBER: The leaves and brush must be in clear plastic bags, placed curbside. If you cannot find clear plastic bags, they are available at the Borough Office during normal business hours for $.25 per bag.

The pickup dates for Spring Clean Up will be advertised in the Myerstown Merchandiser.

Leaf Collection Program:
As part of the Borough’s recycling program, a Leaf Collection Program has been started. All leaves in clear plastic bags, placed at the curb by 7:00am on advertised mornings, will be picked up by the Public Works Department.

REMEMBER: The leaves must be in a clear plastic bag, placed curbside. If you cannot find clear plastic bags, they are available at the Borough Office during normal business hours for $.25 per bag.

In addition to the web-site, leaf pick up dates are placed in the fall newsletter and advertised in the Myerstown Merchandiser.

Christmas Tree Collection Program
The Myerstown Borough Public Works Department will pick up your Christmas Trees for recycling, and the pickup dates will be advertised in the Myerstown Merchandiser.

Pickup usually starts a few days after Christmas and lasts until mid-January.
Place your tree at the curb the evening before collection day - NOT BEFORE. Trees must be curbside, free of decorations and not in plastic bags or they will not be picked up. Lying on the front porch or yard does not count as curbside.

Individuals may take their trees directly to:
JRM Pallets
221 East Mill Avenue
Due to Pennsylvania now requiring permits, JRM Pallets will require an individual to pick up a permit annually to be able to use their facility. The annual permit fee is $20.00.
No permit, no dumping!

Snow Plowing Program
The Borough of Myerstown practices an intense snow plowing program. The program is designed to place the snow on the street as close as possible to the curb. At times this inconveniences the property owner; however, it does provide the maximum opportunity for emergency vehicles (police, fire, and ambulance) to have clear passage on the streets. Due to the varying widths of the Borough’s streets, it takes as many as four passes in each direction to do an adequate job.

Please have patience with our Public Works Department during snow plowing exercises. They are working for you!

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